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Please note: If a customer is exempt from sales tax, their sales tax exemption form must be received by the credit department. If not received their account will be set up as taxable.

Please remit payment to: Department 41121 | PO BOX 650823 | Dallas, Texas 75265

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NOTE: All business trade references must be within industry

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I (We) understand that the information furnished to ASAI on this application is to permit ASAI to consider open account credit terms. I give permission to my references and to the bank to release credit information to Action Stainless & Alloys. All bills due: Payable at Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. It is expressly agreed that all obligations of the parties created herein are performable in Dallas County, Texas. All accounts or monies due Action Stainless & Alloys shall be paid according to terms and conditions of sale. You agree to pay all court costs, attorney fees, and collections costs if the account is turned over for collection.