Kansas City, MO Stainless Steel Distributor

Our Kansas City location is packed full of metal products to get your next stock item or fabrication order to you in as little time as possible.

Inquire with our salespeople to see how we might shorten your production times with our in-house value added fabricating processes such as sawing, grinding, shearing, or bending. We have a fleet of trucks to get your orders out the door.

We welcome all the new customers in the expanded sales territories of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. Action is eager to help service your metal needs.

Featured Services at This Location

LVD Laser(s)

    • Offering close tolerance laser cutting solutions.
    • Lynx 4 KW cutting range 24 GA – 1/2″ SS
    • Axel 4 KW cutting range 24 GA – 1/2″ SS

Plasma Cutting

    • HPR400 with Burny 10 controls
    • Capable of cutting/piercing up to 2″ SS

Flow Mach 3 Water Jet

    • Capable of cutting up to 5″ SS
    • Offers close tolerance/precision cutting, with a 5-Axis cutting head

Saw Cutting

    • Cyclone (14″ Diameter Capacity, Miter Cut 45 degrees)
    • H-90A (12″ Diameter Capacity)

Other Featured Services at This Location

    • Stainless Steel Sheets
    • Stainless Steel Bars
    • Stainless Steel Plate
    • Stainless Steel Tubing
    • Stainless Steel Angle
    • Saw Cutting
    • Stainless Steel Pipe
    • Plate Shearing
    • Sheet Shearing
    • Aluminum Sheet
    • Aluminum Plate
    • Aluminum Structural