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The Industrial Uses of Stainless Steel
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Stainless steel is an iron alloy with additional elements of nickel, silicon, nitrogen and carbon. It has become an essential component of everyday applications such as kitchen appliances and wrist watches. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that stainless steel is a common fixture in a vast majority of industries.


Since it is an amalgamation of certain types of steel and boasts unique properties, stainless steel is particularly useful in heavy duty industries, such as the energy industry. Known for its corrosion resistance, stainless steel provides multiple benefits. Advantages of using the alloy include a high strength to weight ratio, extraordinary formability and non-existent maintenance requirements as well.
Furthermore, the metal is highly recyclable and is considerably efficient. Using it can diminish material costs and the total amount of labor involved in industrial procedures.


The heavy industry is an area of business that has undergone a legitimate transformation due to the proliferation of the revolutionary metal. By heavy industry, we mean any sector that is reliant on large machinery, intricate equipment and facilities.

Typically, this includes large scale construction, mining and the manufacturing of colossal ships and air crafts. It also involves the production and refinement of energy. For instance, oil, gas, hydroelectric and nuclear power and long distance energy transmission all employ stainless steel in their processes.

Moreover, when we talk about the applications of stainless steel in the energy sector, one of the main reasons it has proven to be so popular is its quality of being corrosion resistant. During the procedure, materials are often subjected to high temperature, harsh environments and radiation. This is why oxidation resistance is a concern.

Different grade and alloys offer varying levels of resistance to corrosion, which is why it is imperative for those involved to comprehend their requirements before they select a specific material. Nonetheless, the fact is that stainless steel has worked wonders in various industries since it is not affected by corrosion.
Furthermore, another key aspect of stainless steel is its extreme formability. Stainless steel may be used to establish potent and substantial structures, which are required within large facilities present in the heavy industry.

Whether you consider wind towers, oil refineries or even nuclear reactors, stainless steel is central to the construction of these and has become an indispensable fixture simply because it does not corrode when exposed to alarming temperatures and is exceptionally durable.

Another area of the energy industry that relies heavily on stainless steel is resource extraction. The mammoth structures that are used in the process must have the prowess to ensure a strong breeze, relentless waves and persistent tidal motion. Not to forget, the unremitting sea waves can be highly corrosive as well. Stainless steel is employed in pipelines that disseminate oil and natural gas over long distances.

Last but not least, stainless steel is also used profusely in construction. It is used in the architecture of buildings as well as the heavy equipment that is used to assemble these establishments. Since stainless steel is versatile, it can expedite construction as per the need.

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